Our Love Story

Most of you know our love story but those of you who might not know it all or just want a little reminder here’s how it all began…

            It was September of 2008, I had just moved to Ruston to start college. Obviously Andrew hadn’t moved because he was born and raised in Ruston but he did move into his on campus apartment. I had just finished rush, pledged Sigma Kappa and it was our first night to go out and cut loose. I had friends from high school that were already Sigma Nu’s and I knew that’s where I would be hanging out that night; Lucky for me Andrew decided to attend the party too.

I clearly remember the first moment I saw Andrew, he was sitting across the back deck from me and some of my girlfriends and we all thought he was quite handsome! I claimed him and walked over to strike up a conversation. We talked for a minute took a picture and that was that, he made a lasting impression on me but obviously I did not leave one on him because he did not remember me the next time I saw him.  This is a picture from the first night we met, I wish it was clearer but I still love it because it brings me right back to that moment.

            After this night we met EIGHT more times, Andrews memory always seemed to be a little fuzzy (wink wink). Andrew pledged Sigma Nu and after boys bid day is when Andrew considers our friendship started.  On bid day Andrew fell in the chapter room and busted his eyebrow open (he should have gotten stitches but didn’t and still has a scar there) therefore the next day when I saw him sitting outside the GTM auditorium reading the paper I walked up and ruffled the paper to ask how he was feeling. Little did I know that I really made a complete fool of myself because he did not remember me AT ALL.  He says he knew I looked familiar and he knew I was nice but could not have told you my name. We talked for a minute then I went to class.

Later that day while at the house Andrew asked Ryne Allen, one of my friends from highschool and his pledge brother, my name so he could come talk to me.  We became great friends because we both came into college with the mindset that we didn’t want a relationship at the beginning and just wanted to have fun.  That is until he got a major crush on a fellow sigma kappa sister/friend.

            Andrew started too really like one of my friends and this really brought us closer because he asked me for advice ALL THE TIME! When things fizzled out with them I started being his date to football games and parties but just as friends.  He asked me to Homecoming and I was so excited to go and not have the pressure all my friends were feeling in their new relationships. At homecoming the boy’s parents come therefore all my friends were very stressed about meeting their significant others parents so soon into their relationships. I didn’t think anything of meeting Andrew's parents because Andrew was just my friend...no pressure. Then Andrew went and ruined everything, he KISSED me!

It was October 23, 2008 and my friends enlisted his help to distract me from my dorm room so they could decorate it for my birthday (it’s a running joke now that Vic just wanted him to give me ice cream and talk to me, there was no mention of a kiss). When he kissed me I was so upset because he was supposed to just be my friend but that kiss had changed everything. We both knew we were meant to be more than friends.  I gave him a hard time for a while about being his rebound girl but after that kiss the rest is history; we’ve been an item ever since.

            We were in the “talking” phase for a while but we finally became facebook officially January 23, 2009.  He took me to Ponchatoula’s for dinner and we sat at a table for two in the very front of the restaurant. He was so nervous to ask me to be his girlfriend he couldn’t even eat his crawfish shrilly and I thought he was trying to end things. Obviously I said yes and ever since then we have both been the happiest we have ever been.

We broke up one time our freshman year but it didn't last long.  We joke it was just a lasp of judgement on Andrew's part and we are both very glad he came to his senses so quickly.

            In March of 2010 we welcomed our beautiful baby girl intro our family.  We became the proud parents of a six week old golden retriever/black lab mix and decided to name her Lilly Monroe Halbrook-Mire. We both agree that she is the best thing we have ever done besides meet each other.

This is the day we brought her home from the hospital.

Our pretty girl now!

Andrew proposed on January 28, 2012.  We went to our favorite restaurant Raw and then to Portico to celebrate with our family and friends (the whole story is here). We are excited to get married and start our life together.

Andrew and I had the most amazing wedding! It was everything I dreamed of and would go back and do it all over in a heart beat.  Here are a few pictures from the big day and our highlight video.

All photos were taken by megan and seth photography

Video by matthew ramsaur