Sunday, February 2, 2014

I will survived…

I hope you are sining this title in your best Gloria Gaynor voice.

At first I was afraid I was petrified.
Kept thinking I could never live without humongous thighs….

Ok…sing along is over; back to this post. I survived my first booty barre class on Thursday. I was pleasantly surprised I was not the only newbie in the class which was rather comforting. What was not so comforting was standing next to the Work-Out Barbie. She was honestly one of the prettiest women I have ever seen and was so sweet. Funny part was when I asked if she had been to the class before her response was , "This is only my second time. I usually just run marathons and do kick boxing." Haha…I will never use the words just and marathon in the same sentence EVER.

The class was hard but Destiny (the teacher) was very encouraging. She was motivating without being mean which is always a nice change.  One word I did not love so much was pulse. Destiny loved this word….we would squat, with weights, then she would say this terrible word pulse. My thighs and arms were on fire but it was never unbearable. I loved using the bar to do kicks; it took me right back to my 11 year old self in jazz class.

I was surprised at my lack of soreness when I woke up Friday morning. I mean don't get me wrong I was sore but nothing like I was anticipating. I was feeling pretty good until about halfway though my day - the soreness had set in. Let me remind you that I teach kindergarten and all my furniture is made for 5 and 6 years olds which is not ideal for sore muscles. Kindergarteners will also say whatever is on their mind. Here is a little convo about my soreness that should make you chuckle:

Me: sitting down to read a story and grunting a little
Little Girl: Mrs. Halbrook are you ok? (with the most concerned look on her face)
Me: Oh yes ma'am. I was exercising yesterday and my muscles are just a little sore.
Little Boy: No Mrs. Halbrook your just getting old. Your muscles get sore when you get old.

Don't you just love children.

 Overall I know that I will get better after I have gone a few times and I am really glad I bought the groupon. I think I will grow to love the class even though I did get very sweaty and had to shower the moment I got home. I am also very excited because two of my friends are also joining me in this adventure. They are coming to class with me tomorrow and I am going to track their thoughts and progress on the blog too (Surprise Alison and Melanie)!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is enjoying their Super Bowl Sunday!

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