Monday, October 29, 2012

I just love weddings and birthdays

We had a very busy week last week.  It was my birthday week which meant it was a very fun week but it was very busy!

Morgan and Graham, some of Andrew and I's good friends got married this past weekend.  Graham is Andrew's friend from the fraternity and I met Morgan through Sigma Kappa and our major, we were both PK3.  They have been dating since high school and got engaged about 6 months ago.  Andrew was a groomsmen therefore we got to attend all the festivities!

They had a very fun wedding weekend that started at the old Historic Fire Station for the rehearsal dinner. Andrew and I are having our rehearsal dinner there too so it was really fun to see how they set up the space.  The food was delicious and the MOH and Best Man did a great job with their speeches. After the rehearsal the groomsmen went out and the bridesmaids went back to the hotel to get their beauty sleep.  On Saturday, the boys had lunch at Squire before getting ready and taking pictures.  Morgan and Graham did a first look and took all their pictures before the ceremony.  They had a small ceremony which was held at the Temple Baptist Chapel and a large reception held at Ruston Country Club.  The reception was indoor/outdoor and I spent most of my time on the dance floor with Vic and Jessica.  Overall it was a great day and I hope it was everything that both of them dreamed of.

Here we are at the rehearsal Dinner...sorry I didn't take any pictures at the wedding :(

I think wedding are so fun especially since I will be having our own in a few short months.  It's great to see other peoples ideas and decided what we like and didn't like to assure our day is perfect for us.

While Andrew was busy with wedding stuff I got to celebrate my little babe's 2nd birthday.  I can't believe that Kate turned two.  I remember when Jodi told me she was pregnant and Andrew thought I had lost my mind because I stated jumping up and down on campus.  The Wood's have been such a blessing in my life these past four years and I am so lucky to have them in my life.

Kate's birthday party theme was Tutu and Toes and couldn't have turned out any cuter.  It was such a fun time celebrating with them and I loved my pink nail polish party favor. I forgot I was waring a tutu and went to auto zone after the party....they take me .1% seriously for simply being a girl but .000001% seriously for being a girl in a tutu...yay me for not looking down at my outfit.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week coming up!
Happy Monday
the engaged couple

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Birthday girl!!

Hi everyone! I hope y'all are having a fabulous Wednesday.

 Today I turn the big 23! It is the first birthday that I have really had to work all day on my birthday which is a completely new thing for me and i was a bit sad about it but the thing that has made it so much better is the flood of phone calls and texts from all my friends and family. I am so blessed to have so many awsome people in my life to make this a special day.

Yesterday Andrew and I had dinner with his parents to celebrate. We ate fried fish, sweet potato fries and broccoli. The food was so yummy but the best part was the caramel pie she made for dessert. I enjoyed my piece so much I at Andrews too! They gave me the prettiest gold bracelet that has a price of spun Cotten on it. I really like it and had a blast hanging out last night. We talked about how lucky we really are that we all get along so well and enjoy being together. I am lucky that I have found a family that thinks birthdays are just as important as mine does.

Andrew brought me log cabin for lunch today and we are going out to eat tonight. I am so excited to see what he got me!

Today is the last time I will celebrate my birthday with Mire as my last name how crazy is that!! But let's be honest I will always be a mire at heart.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Milestone....the Invites

Another Milestone has been achieved.. We have put in the design for the invites and now we are just waiting to approve the proof and then the invites go into the printing process.  I decided a long time ago to design my own invitations because I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for in any of those giant books.

We went to City Printing, where we are ordering the invitations from about a month ago and got a quote but I haven't been back to Shreveport to finalize all the details.  I knew that Andrew and I were going into Shreveport on Sunday for my birthday and decided that I wasn't coming back to Ruston until we had the invitations ordered.  Andrew has class on Monday therefore our appointment was at the crack of dawn: 7:45.  Here we are in the car waiting for my mom.

When we went inside we saw a very cute white haired man that I knew had to be Mr. Norwood.  He was one of my Poppy's best friends.  I know that he is looking down on us and so excited for Andrew and I to start this adventure together and He is even happier that I am giving his bestie some business.

After Mom and Mr. Norwood caught up, Sarah came into help us with all the invitation details. I thought I was so organized and had everything I needed together. We had finalized the wording on Sunday and we had already picked the design but boy was I wrong. There are so many other little details that I didn't even think about but that goodness for Sarah because she was a huge help. 

Andrew was really into ordering invitations which is so evident in this picture.

Here I am with my Mom after the invitation ordering is over.  She was such a huge help and I am so grateful to have her at all of these meetings.  I know Andrew is really grateful for her too because if she is there he gets to play games on his phone.

Now we just have to wait for the finial design and then to the printing press they go!  I am planning on signing off on the proof on November 9th! Then we could have them the end of November, beginning of December and we can get everything together to go out the beginning of January. Wow time is flying by!

I want to leave you with a picture that has nothing to do with ordering invitations but it is to good not to share.  On Sunday, I celebrated my birthday with my family in Shreveport. Lisa and Dale came over and we all rolled sushi which was a blast and I FINALLY got granny to eat some.  I knew no one would believe me so I documented it.

Tonight I get to go over to Andrew's parents to Celebrate my birthday which will be really fun! Happy Tuesday
the engaged couple

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weddings and Babies

Well the save the dates are a hit. My phone was filled with text messages yesterday of locals who received them in the mail. Thank you for all the sweet words and I am so glad that they all made it to  you safely and in one piece.  For those of you who haven't gotten them yet, they are coming I promise!

This blog post is not about the wedding it is about some other exciting news. This is the year of change for our entire family. I am getting married in March and my cousins, my matrons of honor, are PREGNANT!!! I am so glad i can finally spill the beans and announce how excited we all are about the new little bundles of joy that will be here in May! Here is how it all happened....

Rachel who got married last May found out she was pregnant first.  The weekend I went to pick up my wedding dress she came to Houston to tell all of us. We were so excited for her and Andrew to be expecting their first baby and I was so excited to share this time with her. We are both having such life altering events so close together; I am starting my family and she is adding a new member to hers.  This is the picture she used to tell everyone.

A few weeks later we saw this....


Right now we don't know the sex of if they are going to be identical or not but we do know there are two very healthy babies in there!  She is due May 7th and we are just hoping she feels well enough and the doctor gives her the OK to come to the wedding...we shall wait and see but for now everyone just pray that she if feeling awesome and can come rock her baby bump!

Now, On to Amanda....Les and Amanda got married back in 2005.  They welcomed Maddie into the world in 2007 and Cadence into the world in 2010. They have been very busy with their two beautiful girls but things are about to get a lot busier because they are being blessed with one more!  Amanda found out she was pregnant almost right after Rachel.  She called me the morning after my engagement party and Maddie told me her and Cadence were going to be big sisters! I was in shock and could not believe that not only was Rae having twins but Amanda is also pregnant.   

Here is little baby Lawless!

Amanda is feeling great but is hungry all the time!  She is due May 22 and I am really hoping for a boy!!  I can't wait to see her rocking that bump at the wedding; she is going to look so cute in the bridesmaid dresses.

This is the picture Amanda used to tell everyone she was expecting...

The girls made a joke that this is my fault for picking bridemaid dresses that can accommodate babies. When they tried them on I made the comment "just incase one of you decided to get preggers" who knew it would really happen. 

Spring is going to be very exciting and I can't wait to have 3 more babies in the family!!

I hope everyone has a great saturday and a happy game day! How 'Bout Them Dawgs.
the engaged couple

Friday, October 19, 2012

Loving the Windy City

Sorry I haven't blogged in ten whole days but it has been a very busy ten days.  Last friday I left to meet my nanny in Chicago for our yearly godmother/goddauther girls trip. We started the tradition last year and had so much fun!  Last year I flew there by myself but this year we met in Houston and flew to Chicago together. Here we are waiting for takeoff!

We got into Chicago about 1:30 on Friday and checked into the hotel.  We stayed at the Doubletree downtown and let me just tell you it was AMAZING! First of all you get free cookies when you check in and who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies.  We got settled and tried to make reservations for dinner that night. Nanny had gotten some recommendations and when we call RPM they asked if we would like to eat at 4 or 11...needless to say we chose somewhere else.  We made a reservation at La Madia which was really yummy but we missed the memo that the serve mostly pizza...opps!  They did have the best bruschette I have ever had; it was mushroom marsala and very delicious! We hit he streets before dinner and did a little shopping. Neither one of us bought anything today but it was fun to look for wedding shoes and a new purse for Nanny! We were a woman on a mission! Here is a little picture of us on the ride to dinner the first night.

On Saturday we woke up and hit the streets to shop. We at lunch at the Grand Lux which was really cool because it overlooks Michigan Avenue. We were still on the handbag and shoe mission and found a commonality in everything we remotely liked was Kate Spade. I finally got the bright Idea to google Kate Spade Store and found that there is one right off Michigan Avenue. Nanny and I practically ran there.  Nanny found a fabulous bag and I found my WEDDING SHOES. There is no way i'm putting a picture of them online but I will show yall nanny's bag!

After shopping Nanny and I headed back to the hotel to get ready for our historic bar tour. The tour was given by Chicago Detours and it was very cool.  Every place we went we got a drink and appetizer as well as learning all about the bar and surrounding area.  It was 2.5 hours long which was the perfect time frame and we got to walk everywhere.  After the tour we found a little bar accross the street that would play the Louisiana Tech game that night.  I stayed till the very end and was so proud of my bulldogs and the heart they showed.  Although we didn't come out with the W we still scored over 50 points and still remain number one in offense.  

Since the game wasn't over till after 1 am we slept late and had a leisurely morning in bed. The we went to brunch at Oprah's House haha....Her chef does have a restaurant called Table 52 so it was like we were eating at her house. It was a very cute place and the food was delicious. I had the pumpkin and ricotta pancakes and nanny had the shrimp and grits. The weather was pretty yucky so we hit up the 6 story Bloomingdales and some other cool shops. By the time we were finished with the 900 Michigan shopping complex we were pretty pooped and walked back home. We ordered room service for dinner and ate in bed while watching some good sunday night TV!

Monday it was time to go which is always really tough. I don't get to see my nanny as much as I would like so the time we get to spend together is so precious.  I am so blessed to have her in my life and am so thankful that my mom 'picked" her...she couldn't have done a better job!  Monday was an adventure because my flight from Chicago got delayed because of broken plane breaks which caused me to  miss my connection in Houston which was the last flight out to Monroe which meant I had to spend the night.  Thankfully Aunt Harriett and Uncle Steve were in town because I got an unexpected visit with them. My flight flew out at 7:40 Tuesday night and although this flight got slightly delayed and was a very bumpy flight I made it home in one piece 31 hours later!

It has taken me until today to catch up completely on my rest and get unpacked but I am finally feeling back to normal.  

It was an amazing trip but something even more amazing happened yesterday...the save the dates are out!!! Everyone be looking in your mailbox for our bright green envelopes...We are both so excited for our friends and family to get the first piece of wedding stationery. They were made with lots of love and I am very proud of them.

A scary moment to know that it was now out of my control and I no longer had save the dates to work on!

I hope everyone had a great week. We have an exciting weekend coming up full of football games and a trip to shreveport to celebrate my 23rd birthday.

The engaged couple

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fabulous Fall

I really love the fall. It is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. I love that my TV shows have returned, football is in full swing, the weather is cooler, and we are so busy with so many fun events.  Last week was such a fun week for so many reasons. So this blog post is going to be a little catch up of what is going on in Rusvegas.

Thursday Jessica, Emily, and Jordan hosted a pumpkin carving party.  It was so much fun to all get together and eat fall food and carve pumpkins.  I didn't want to carve my pumpkin without Andrew so I just decorated it.  I used chalk board paint and covered the entire thing.  I can now write different saying on it with chalk and it turned out supper cute.  Thank you pinterest and Claire for the fab idea. The food was delicious. The girls made little mummies which were hotdogs wrapped in pizza dough, had caramel apples and Jessica made DELICIOUS pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing, I think I ate my weight in them! It was such a fun night and I hated that Andrew had to work on a lab and missed it!

Friday I got to hang out with my two favorite little people, Hudson and Kate all day! Then went to a couple shower for Morgan and Graham.  It was so much fun to celebrate their upcoming wedding and see all of our friends that no longer live in Ruston. They got some great gifts and had a great turnout.  Their wedding will be here before we know it and it will be a blast to party the night away with everyone again.

Saturday was AMAZING! Saturday morning Evan and I set up my house for Claire's Birthday Party. She was turning 21 at midnight and we were having  a little shindig at my house after the football game.  After setting up we headed to tailgate. This game everyone was supposed to ware blue and pink for breast cancer awareness. The game was so much fun. The was really cold and finally felt like football weather to me. Andrew's dad made taco soup and I think it was the best he has ever made.  We won the football game again making us 5-0 and the only Louisiana team to be undefeated. We are now ranked number 23 and will be facing Texas A&M next Saturday.  Everyone should go and show their support for the Bulldogs. After the game we all went back to my house to celebrate Claire.  Lilly was terrified of all the balloons but beside that the party was a success.

It feels so good to be a BULLDOG!

Sunday was full of recovering and working on save the dates.  It was a busy but very fun weekend and I am so excited about this weekend coming up because I will be in Chicago with my Nanny!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and start to their week.
the engaged couple

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sneak Peak

Lets just get real really quickly...It has been a little over a week and I already have a 21 sneak peak of our engagement pictures!  All other photographers we met with said it would take at least a month....9 days people, 9 days!

Heres some of my favorites....

Our pictures are amazing! Megan and Seth are so talented and we are so blessed to have them for our special day. We love y'all!

Jump on over to their website to look at more pictures and go over to their facebook page and like them! 

Thanks for the new facebook profile pic and my new desktop...I'm in love.  This is what I get to see every time I open my computer now...YAY!

the engaged couple

Premiere Week

Last week was AMAZING! Not on,y did we get to take engagement pictures it was also premiere week. I like premiere week almost as much as I love decorating for the holidays which is something I also got to do this week; my house has been taken over by fall.

Anywho...This is not going to be a wedding related post, if you can't tell  it is just going to be related to something I love...TV.  For those of you that share in my love of television you understand what significance this week has brought; for those of you who don't share in my love...i'll pray for you.

In the spring when all my shows end it really is so sad to  me. I love my TV, Andrew and I watch shows together, the Girls and I watch shows together, and I watch shows by myself. I could not wait to see who died in the plane crash, did Addison choose Sam or Jake, who is Quinn and why is she running from her past,  where is Emily's mother anyway and did Victoria really get on that plane. My shows did not disappoint.

I wish greys would have started in the woods at the sight of the crash and private practice wouldn't have jumped around as much but that is neither here nor there; the bottom line is I love that all my shows are back! Here is a little look at my TVO. Let me preface this by saying I don't watch all these shows the day they come on, I'll catch up another day or on the weekends but I am not glued to my TV for hours on end, that's what TVO is for!

666 park place ( the jury is still out on this one)
The Good Wife
Amazing Race ( hope your watching nanny)
The real housewives of New Jersey

Dancing with the stars all stars ( don't usually watch but love all the all stars together)
The voice- Andrew and I love this show
The real housewives of New York

Dancing with the stars the results show
The Voice
Private practice
White collar

Criminal minds

Greys Anatomy
Project Runway
Real world the challenge


Football games... I mean we live in the south people!

Now that you know what's on my TVO I want to know what's on yours!! Leave a comment with your favorite fall show.

The engaged couple