Get to know me...

Hey Y'all! I thought I should formally introduce myself...Im Amber!

I'm 23, a newlywed and a new texan.  Andrew and I are both from Louisiana but relocated to Texas when he got an awesome job opportunity with Centerpoint Energy. 

This is Andrew. I'm married to by best friend...

...isn't he so handsome! He keeps my on my toes and keeps me laughing. He reminds me to not take life to seriously and I am so lucky to have him!

I'm a dog mommy....

...isn't she beautiful! She is our pride and joy and both of us can't imagine loving something else as much as we love her. Kyle Balius says it best "if we are half the parents to our children that we are to Lilly they will be in good shape."

I'm a craft obsessed, weekend warrior, and ultimate DIYer. My poor hubby doesn't share these passions but he is a really good sport.

I'm a lover of children and a nanny turned Kindergarten teacher.  I love my job and working with little ones. The growth they show during kindergarten is my passion and I know this what God called me to do.

I'm a lover of my friends and family and can't imagine life without them. I love to hang out with my hubby but my Utopia is when our friends and family are around too.

I'm a lover of my faith and know that if God brings you to it he will bring you through it. Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows but my faith, family, and friends get me through.

I started this blog to help keep everyone in the loop when it came to the wedding and it has just evolved into something I couldn't have even imagined. I use blogging as another creative outlet and know that one day when I'm old and grey I will love looking back and reading about the crazy times we have had.

Now that we know each other I want to thank you for stopping by and if you want to know anything else just shoot me an email!

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