Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monday Funday

The weekend was so fun and it was even better knowing that Monday was going to be just as exciting. I have been waiting to take engagement pictures for what seems like the day we got engaged! I have spent hours looking though pinterst for ideas of poses and outfits and exchanged a zillion emails with my precious photographers and it was so exciting that the day was finally here.

I woke up and spent the day getting a facial, massage, and manicure; it's rough being beautiful haha. Then I started the process of getting ready. I am ready knew exactly what I was wearing thanks to the best bridesmaid in the world Jessica Franks therefore it was all about getting my hair and makeup done perfectly. 

Let me start this next little paragraph by sayings I love my fiancé dearly but my goodness can he drive me crazy. It started on Sunday when I was talking to him about what he was thinking about wearing and what I thought would look good with the outfits I choose.. Every item of clothing that we discussed was dirty at his apartment. I mean hello ladies what is it with boys; did he not realize that we were taking pictures I less than 24 hours and wearing a dirty shirt may not be the best idea. Thankful we realized that every item was dirty so we could spend Sunday doing 200 loads of laundry...yay! Then on Monday I asked Andrew to pick up his khakis and Lilly a new black leash. Andrew is so sweet and ran by his apartment and to get the leash but when he walked in my house, khakis in hand, they were balled up under his armpit!!!!!! We are less then an hour away from picture time and there are more wrinkles in his khakis then I have ever seen. No problem let me just iron these real quick granted I have never ironed a pair of pants in my life (thanks Aunt Harriett for making me buy an iron and ironing board less than a month ago, it really came in handy)!! While Andrew was in the shower I finished ironing and got the leash out if the box. Let me just say this, it was the longest leash I have ever seen in my entire life; it was 20ft long Lilly wouldn't even be in the shot if we kept it at its original length! When Andrew got out of the shower and i asked him about it he said, "loom we can just do it like this" with about 10ft of leash balled up in his hand, "this doesn't look good?" At this point I had to just sit down and laugh. It's never a dull moment with Andrew around that's for sure!!

We finally got everything situated and headed to the shoot! I was so excited to see our photographers and finally get started. We started downtown at the old train depot because it has Ruston painted on the side. While we were taking pictures a train came by and was right behind us. They said in the pictures the train will be moving and we will be still which I think will be awesome! It was so cool that we just so happened to be there and could scramble around like a bunch of idiots to get the shoot. After we left the train depot we took some just around downtown and in the norton building. Our second location was on tech campus. This location was really important to Andrew and I since we met at school and our relationship really grew here. Our last stop was the peach orchard...we missed the sunset but still got some awesome shots. In a few month Megan and Seth are going to come back over to capture our subset picture...yay yay yay! 

The evening was spent laughing and joking around; It was such a fun experience and Andrew and I were really able to be ourselves. I am so grateful we found such great photographers that we not only click with but also take such great pictures.

I wanted to give a huge thanks to Emily, one of my bridesmaids. She came with us to the shoot to take care of Lilly when she was not in the pictures with us. She was a huge help and I don't know what we would have dive without you! I loved getting to share engagements with you and thanks fir being there to help whenever I need you. 

I'm going to end this post with a few goofy pics of our lovely photographers and I promise to share the sneak peak pictures with you as soon as I get them. I am also going to do a post later on the outfits I wore and why they work in pictures ( I did lots of research on the topic because if a picture didn't turn out I was determined it wouldn't e from the outfits).

We love you both!!

Happy hump day
The engaged couple

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend recap

Please excuse the length of this post; this weekend was very eventful!

We have had the most amazing few days!!! It was so busy but oh so fun and I wish I could go back and relive it all over again.

Friday we had the most amazing engagement party in Shreveport. It was at The Brown's house and was hosted by Daddy Jack and Mrs. Pam, Nanny and Uncle Mike, and Aunt Harriett and Uncle Steve. The party was an absolute blast and we had an amazing turn out. The whole wedding party minus a few came  and it was the first opportunity to get everyone together. We have such an amazing group that if no one else has fun at the wedding we know we can count on our family and wedding party to party the night away! You know the party is rocking when the first person to leave is the bartender because his allotted time is up; and the fact that everyone kept partying after he left was absolute perfection,

The party was so much fun but also very surreal for me.. I have so many amazing memories at Amanda's house that I felt like the party shouldn't be for me; the whole night felt like we were leaving from prom any minute haha.

It was so much fun to have everyone that loves and supports us in one place at one time. My dad gave a fab toast and Andrew said some really sweet words as well.  I can't believe this was our first of many fun parties and showers to come and we couldn't have had a better kick off party. Thank you again to our host and hostess and everyone who traveled to celebrate with us.  I said it at the party and I will probably say it a thousand times more, we love you so much, you are such blessings in our lives and you are our favorite people in the world.

The party was a blast but the night was still young when everyone started to leave. Andrew and I, Jon Lee and Andrew's cousins, Price and Jessie were all staying downtown therefore the wedding party headed for the boats. At some point during the night I looked at my watch and realize it was 4 in the morning!!! For those of you who know me well know that I am no night owl. The only people left were me, Andrew, Bria, Stephen (Bria's boyfriend) Jon Lee, Price, and  Jessie.  At this time Bria, Stephen, and I decided to eat at the boats and that club sandwich may  have cost 20 dollars but it was DELICIOUS! The boys decided it would be a good idea to go out downtown and didn't get in till 5:30. You could say we had fun for sure!

Since we were out so late Friday one would think that we would take it easy Saturday but no we had more parties! Last week was boy's rush and Saturday was bid day therefore the partying continued. We ate lunch in Shreveport then drove back to Ruston and straight to the sigma nu house. We stayed at the day party for a few hours then went to dinner with Evan and Claire ( they took care of Lilly Friday night and we love having them as our neighbors)!! After dinner we took a quick nap and got ready for the night party. Evan and Claire decided to have people over too so I knew I wanted to hit up that party as well. Andrew and I went to the sigma nu party together for a while then I left to go to Evan and Claire's. I got home about 1am and Andrew got home about 2:30...we are some party animals haha.

Sunday was a lazy day filled with lots of laundry, watching the Saints loose :(, and movie watching. Jessica came to the rescue and helped me pick outfits for engagement pictures, friends just don't get much better than her that's for sure!

Well I'll cut the post off there because if I start into our engagement shoot this post will never end! I hope that everyone had a great weekend. Tune in tomorrow for the low down on our engagement shoot.

The engaged couple

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cleaning out

I was cleaning out my Tech email and found an old picture of me and Andrew from freshman year. I thought it was to cute not to share.

tailgating 2008

the engaged couple

My house or the UPS headquarters

Life has been pretty busy the last few weeks.  Everyone knows I always need some sort of project and usually have two or three going on at once but this week I feel like I have 10 going on...ok I may be exaggerating. But really I finally finished my dining room curtains (thanks to my Aunt Harriett, she is a sewing God), started painting my living room shelves that Andrews Dad built me, continued working on redoing my vanity and dresser, and the wedding is my ongoing project. The boys are knee deep in rush and Andrew has been helping them out so has been gone a lot this week.

Needless to say we have been busy.

On top of all the little projects my house looks like the UPS headquarters. I have been ordering things for the save the dates and the hostess gifts for our Shreveport engagement party and everything decided to come in on the same day.  When I got home from work there was 5 big boxes on  my front pour UPS man!  There are boxes everywhere at the Mire Household but it is very exciting to be getting everything in and it makes the wedding seem so close!

Happy Thursday...It's almost Friday woohoo!!

The engaged couple

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The wedding dress is in!

This post is long over due. The wedding planning is in full swing and we have been getting a lot of things done these past few weeks.  I have been working on save the dates and getting things checked off my list! But about a month ago I got a VERY exciting email...


I was so excited to go pick it up and try it on again but I couldn’t exactly just run over a since it was all the way in Houston. Andrew and I were planning on going to stay with Aunt Harriett and Uncle Steve for the Houston-Tech game so I decided I would just pick it up then.  

Mom and I left on Friday and had the best day. The trip went by so quickly and when we got in we spent the day laying by the pool and catching up. We got to eat at my favorite mexican restaurant, Guadalajara for dinner and my cousin and her husband surprised us!  Everyone got in the pool when we got home but not for long because Saturday was going to be a long, exciting day. At 9:30 on Saturday, September 8, 2012 I got to put on MY wedding dress for the first time; no clips, the right size, and one that had never been tried on by anyone else.  It was an eventful appointment because there was a little hic-up but everything worked out and I am really happy with the end result. 

After picking up my dress we started looking for Mom’s dress and found some possibilities.   Im going to keep all the dress details a secret until we pick out "the one" then I will give everyone a little sneak peak. I know she is going to look so beautiful and can’t wait to keep looking and find her the perfect dress.

While we were shopping Andrew and my Uncle Steve went to the Tech game and had a blast. My Uncle Steve graduated from Louisiana Tech with an engineering degree but never really went to the football games therefore Andrew was so excited to share this experience with him.  I am so glad that they  had fun but now we really want them to come to a home game to get the full experience. We won the game 56-49 which rounded out a great weekend. Look how cute they look in their matching shirts!!

We had such a great weekend in Houston and I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. I can’t believe my dress is really here and hanging in my closet and I’m ready to show everyone! It’s going to be a long 186 days but who’s counting.

Here is the dress in the big, pink bag. Andrew was so nervous about seeing it he didn't even want to carry the bag to the car on sunday when we were packing the car to leave.  I love that he wants it to be a surprise! 

Happy Tuesday everyone,  lot of love from Rusvegas.
the engaged couple

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bridesmaid dresses....check

Another milestone has been reached, the bridesmaid dresses are ordered!

I knew what bridesmaids dresses I wanted before I even got engaged. I feel in love with them about 2 1/2 years ago when I attended a wedding with the family I babysit for. Jodi wore the dress in her sister's wedding and everyone looked so good in them! A few months after the wedding borrowed the dress to ware to an event and got a ton of compliments. Every bride says "you can totally ware this again" but in reality you can't and I felt these dresses you really could ware again! A downside to the dresses are they are pretty pricey but after trying to have an open mind and finding the difference would only be about 40 bucks it seemed silly not to go with what I loved!

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to all my girls for getting their dresses ordered and making my life so easy! I am such a lucky bride to be surrounded by so many amazing people! I love each of you do much and can't wait for all the parties, showers, and the big day! Without each of you there and by my side the memories and experiences would not be complete!