Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is Anyone Out There....

Hey everyone! I got some post on my Facebook in connection to my blog and I am so glad everyone is enjoying it. I think it is really keeping everyone in the loop about the wedding plans. I'm just curious about who all is reading and I need you to do me a favor....

Just comment on this post by clicking the "0 comment" and writing me a little message...I just want to know who all is out there and reading and once you've commented once you will know how to comment for further posts.

 Im hoping to print all my blog posts after the wedding and make it into a book to document this whole planning process and would love to have your comments in the book too!

The Engaged Couple

Monday, July 23, 2012


Hi! I forgot to give you the link to look at our cool honeymoon distention! If you want to check it out just click here!

The Newlyweds

Friday, July 20, 2012


It has been a busy week in Ruston! I got my wedding binder back out and started to get busy. I got to cross quite a few things off my list of to-dos and nothing makes me feel more accomplished then putting a line threw something on a list.

One of The main things I wanted to do before September was decide on a honeymoon destination and book and this morning at 8am we got to check that off the list! When we started looking at honeymoons we knew we wanted to go through RCI or Palace Resorts. When I was in high school my parents joined the Palace Resorts and we have always had such a great experience on all our vacations! There are tons of Palace resorts in different places and they are all inclusive which is VERY nice. They really have everything you could ever dream of on the compound so we never even have to leave unless we want to go on an excursion which you can organize through the Palace; it is AMAZING and super relaxing because you really have no worries.

 After looking at all the Palace resorts and all inclusive resorts through RCI and the weather in March at a bunch of different places we decided to go to the HARD ROCK Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. It is an extension of the Palace resort and I actually went to this resort my freshman year of college on family vacation. The resort looks like it has changed quite a bit since then because it was the "soft" opening when we went and was not run by the Hard Rock. We are both very, very excited and can't wait to go!

 We want to give a special thanks to my dad! He is the one who called and made all the arrangements. He even made sure we got every amenity and special gift possible. We love you so much and that's for making booking the honeymoon so easy and stress free!!!

 The engaged couple

Friday, July 13, 2012

Time Flies

Wow, it has been a whole month since my last post. I feel like this summer is just flying by. Andrew and I have been so busy and I feel like things are finally starting to slow down.  Last week I decided it might be time to get the wedding binder out again and start to do some more planning and boy am I glad I did.  I got so much accomplished right after the engagement that I was able to take a BIG break while I was finishing up student teaching but it's time to get the ball rolling again since we are 8 MONTHS AWAY! I am still on track with the planning but have a list of little projects to accomplish in the next month or so.

I promise to post all the little updates and new developments in the wedding planning as a go along this next month.

The engaged couple