Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bridesmaids Boxes

When it came to choosing the wedding party I knew I only wanted the most important people in my life standing with me; the people I knew I would stay in touch with and remain friends with  for the rest of my life. I am so fortunate to have a lot of friends but there are a handful of people I call with good new or bad and have played a vital role in helping me become the person I am today.  I also wanted my bridesmaids to be very involved with the wedding planning process and there with me every step of the way. 
Since my bridesmaids are so important to me I wanted to ask them in a very special way and from the very beginning I knew I wanted to compile alot of little things to make something very special and here is how it all turned out (forgive the pictures please because they aren’t the best)...
I made/bought all the things I needed, them put them in a box, and wrapped them in the wedding colors.
When they opened the box the first thing they saw was and handmade card.

     It read, “Through the in’s and the out’s and the thick and the thin, no matter what's happened there you have been.  You smile when I need it and listen when I grieve, you hug me when I cry and blow boogers on your sleeve. I treasure your friendship more than diamonds or gold and I promise I will even when were saggy and old.  So please stand by my side when I say “I DO,” for I wouldn’t be me without a friend like you!”  I then wrote in each card about how much I loved them and what an impact they have had on my life. I cried when I wrote each card and everyone cried when they read them so they were a big success.

After they read the card they could open the rest of the box which included a framed picture of us, a note about the bridesmaid dresses with a swatch of fabric so they could see the color, personalized stationary with the monogram we are hoping to use at the wedding, a CD with music that reminds me of them, and a bridesmaid survival kit and my two matrons of honor got crosses in their box.
       The survival kit had  a tag on it that gave explanation about all of the contents. The tag read, “ This survival kid was made just to say, I’m thrilled you’re beside me on my wedding day! There’e chocolate to give you that sugar high,, and a a packet of tissues incase you should cry. Theres lip gloss to help you care for your smile and a incase a nail should break, I’ve included a file. There’s bobby pins and hair spray to keep every strand in place and pony tail holders if you just get tired of your hair being in your face. There is SHOUT if you should sill on your beautiful dress and breath-mints to help keep your breath minty fresh. There’s Tylenol and Tums if it’s ill that you feel, And band-aids to help you tackle your high heals.  Ive put everything in this handy pack, So you know this bride has got your back!  This kit was created so that you can see, just how much you mean to this bride-to-be!
       So thats everything that I included in the Bridesmaid Boxes. I was very please with how everything turned out and the girls loved them.  I will never be able to express how much I love each and every one of my bridesmaids but it’s a start.

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