Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm back....

     Hello everyone. I am so sorry I have been so absent in the blog lately. Andrew and I have both been so busy and just trying to keep our heads above water the past few weeks. Although we have both been very busy it has all been fun things.  Andrew went to Rome and had a blast but I was so happy to have him back safely.  In my last post I talked about all the projects I had going on and the project I am most proud of are my bridesmaid’s boxes. I knew from the moment I got engaged who I wanted to stand with me in my wedding. I only wanted the people that have helped me grown into the person I am today and who I can’t imagine my life without therefore I didn’t want to simply ask them verbally to be in the wedding; I wanted to do something special.
     I have now traveled from The Woodlands, Texas to Lafayette, Louisiana to ask everyone to stand with me.  I started out by asking my two cousins, Amanda and Rachel to stand with me as my matrons of honors and Amanda to be my maid of honor.  I then came home to ask Jessica and Emily to be bridesmaids, then finally to Lafayette to ask Bria and Cassie to be my two final bridesmaids…so there they are my seven of favorite people in the world.  I will post pictures of everything I included in the boxes and a little explanation of why I included that. I will also posting a post on each of my bridesmaids and why they are so special to me.
     Andrew has not asked all his groomsmen yet so I can not share his list yet but as soon as he does I will let everyone know!  Thanks for sticking with me and I promise to be better this week.  This week you have the following post to look forward to…
1.      My trip to Houston
2.      My trip to Lafayette
3.      Bridesmaid boxes details
4.      A post about Amanda Brown
5.      Flashback Friday
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and I just wanted to end this post wishing a very good friend of ours a very happy 21st birthday!  Happy birthday Jordan Chiasson! We had so much fun celebrating last night and thanks for including us in your special day. We love you!

the engaged couple

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Ultimate Project!!

Planning a wedding is like the ultimate project. For those of you that know me well, y’all know that I love to be involved in a project at all times. I’m not good at just sitting and need to have something going on in my life and I have realized that planning a wedding is the ultimate project. I am really enjoying this wedding planning stuff and think I could have a future of an event planning side career ha-ha!
Since Andrew is gone and I’m out of school I have a lot of time to get wedding organized and work on a few projects. I can’t wait to get to share all the things I have been working on very soon but for now you’ll just have to wait; I know the suspense is killing you.

Happy Monday and hope everyone had a great start of your week.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Well today Andrew left for Rome and it really stinks. I already miss him but I guess that’s a good. I spent the day lying around, doing laundry and watching TV shows that Andrew hates.  My best friend at school, Jessica, got me hooked on One Tree Hill and Andrew hates it.  I started from season one about a month ago and have wanted 106 episodes. There are 174 in the whole series so far and I hope to be completely caught up by the time Andrew gets back. It’s a silly goal but it’s nice to relax and watch something that I know he despises.
Tonight Jessica came over so we could catch up. She is someone that could never be replaced. We became friend’s freshman year but became best friends somewhere during sophomore year. She is a friend that I know I will have for the rest of my life because she knows how to be a friend. She puts in the extra effort and I know she really cares. The problem is she has this new stinky job that takes up ALL of her time! I’m so happy for her because she is getting great experience for when she becomes a big time CPA but it makes me hate tax seasons almost as much as I hate session since my Nanny is a lobbyist and that job keeps her pretty busy too. Anyway, with her new job it leaves me looking forward to Monday night bachelor even more and any other time we get to spend together because I really miss her.  We haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and talk since I got engaged and tonight she came over to cheer me up and talk wedding. It was so much fun and I loved getting to share everything we have planned so far and give her the inside scoop.  It was great just to be us.

I know this is a random post that many might think has nothing to do with wedding planning but to me it has everything do to with the wedding. Tonight reminded me how much friends mean to a relationship.  I feel that many couple get engaged or married and seclude themselves from the peers because they are so excited and in love.  Andrew and I have always been pretty good when it comes to keeping our friends and I feel this doesn’t mean we love each other less, but to me we love each other more; ee know how important the friendships are and we encourage each other to cultivate our friendships.  So although I miss Andrew tonight I filled the void of missing Jessica- SO TO YOU JFRANKS…I LOVE YOU AND THANKS FOR COMING OVER.

 P.S. Andrew if you are reading you better not have to much fun without me


Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hi everyone! It has been very busy in Ruston the past week. We finished up the quarter on Tuesday thank goodness! I made out with a 4.0 and Andrew got a 3.0 and we were both pretty excited to just be finished. I can’t believe this will be my last quarter at tech and will be graduating in May.  Andrew leaves for Rome tomorrow and I’m so sad that I can’t go with him.  We’re not used to being apart for a week and especially when we can’t really talk so it should be interesting; I see lots of girl time in my future and hopefully a good present when he gets back (hint hint Andrew).
Anyway, Andrew and I got a lot of wedding planning done this week. We had a lot of appointments and got to check a lot of things off our list. We had already been by the church to reserve our date but had not met with the wedding planner or asked one of the pastors to be our officiant so on Tuesday we went by and paid the deposit on the church and talked to Mr.  Len Woods. He agreed to marry us which we were both very excited about. He is good friends with Andrews parents and reminds me of my Uncle Steve who I love very much! We also paid for the Norton Building which is where the reception will be held and I got all the information from Mr. Andy about the old historic fire station which is where we will hold the rehearsal dinner. So we can check Venues off the to-do list.
Now that we have our venues I am having photographer tunnel vision. My biggest fear is that I will hate the pictures and wedding pictures aren’t something you can really do over again therefore I have looked though TONS of photographers websites and only 5 have made the cut for emails. One photographer emailed me back and was rude, rude, rude; why are people rude in the first place it doesn’t get them anywhere. Amanda, my best friend from home, told me I should just blow them off since they were rude in the first email but I wanted to give them a chance so still asked for a pricing list. When they responded with a price that was 4,000 dollars over my favorite/dream photographer I crossed them right off the list. We met with two different photographers that we both really liked last week. I feel that they would both take great pictures of our day but just need time to think about it, meet with the other two people we like and then come to a decision. Why do their have to be so many talented photographers in my area, I wish there was only one person to choose from.  After We pick a photographer I’m sure I’ll move on to something else but right now I just have photographer in the brain they are one of the most important elements to a great weeding right?!

Well that’s what has been going on over here in Ruston.
The Engaged Couple