Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Best friends are one in a million...Especially best girlfriends. Lets be honest girls are not the nicest creatures on the face of the planet. We are mean, catty, hormonal and often don’t have a clue what we really want therefore it’s rare you honestly find someone you can be best friends with.

I have my best friend from home, Amanda but everyone says you go to college and meet your bridesmaids (insert eyeroll here). It is just to cliché for me. I knew I would make great friends but never dreamed I really would make the quality of friends I have now.  I just feel like I have my people - we just get each other.

I’ve talked about my college best friend, Jessica, on the blog a million times. Almost every college memory has her in it although neither one of us can remember the exact moment we became friends. We think we narrowed it down to a Randy Rogers concert at Rabbs but we just don’t know; it just kinda happened. 

We talk everyday and not living in the same town as just about killed us but I have learned not to take the moments we have together for granted. I talked yesterday about being so busy and one of the best parts about going home so often this fall is seeing her.

One home game in September Jessica met us in Ruston. It was so nice because our boy band (what we refer to our girlfriend group as) was back together. I never dreamed I would get this... (please excuse the picture quality…All I had was my iPhone)

I am so thrilled to get to stand next to my best friend when she says “I DO!” 

Jessica gave Kelsey her wine bottle the same night too and we were so excited and felt it was a perfect photo-op!

The bridesmaids dresses are beautiful (thanks for not making us look ugly) and I know she will be the most beautiful bride - yes I cried when I saw her in a wedding dress so I know I’m going to be a hot mess at the alter. 

I am just so excited to share in this exciting time with her and so thankful for her amazing friendship.  She makes my life a whole lot better and if you ask Andrew he stopped trying to win the best friend race a long time ago because she always wins! (Yes, I love my hubby and he's my best friend thats a boybut girlfriends are in a category all of their own)

Just a little throwback picture, and one of my very favorites from the start of our friendship.

This little gem was to good not to share. Two of my favorite people!

I know this post is long overdue but better late than never right?!

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