Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sweating is for the birds

Anyone who knows me well knows that I do not like to sweat. LIKE AT ALL! I just think it is so yucky and completely unladylike. I mean southern ladies don't sweat they glisten right?! This attitude towards sweating has caused me to dislike cardio with a passion. I avoid it at all cost honestly.

When I do end up being tricked into doing cardio I am one of those people you see on reality TV that moans and complains the whole time. I know it is annoying but I just can't help it. Kelsey (my old workout buddy/best friend) can testify to this statement and I am sure would describe it as nails on a chalk board but hey, everyone has to have their downfalls.

Before we moved I was doing Pilates on the reformer twice a week. I loved it. I felt tone and good about myself and was even loosing a little weight. I am not someone who looks at themselves and thinks "eww, I am so fat" but I know I could stand to tone up and loose a few pounds here and there. When we moved I looked at gyms and studios that offered reformer classes but I wasn't working and we just couldn't afford it. I was really bummed but hey Andrew was stuck with me now….fat or skinny.

One thing I did join when we moved was groupon. My Nanny always talked about it and I thought why not. Thanks when I spotted this little gym...

Number 1 - who can't afford 29 dollars. Number 2 - if my stomach will look like that - sign me up.

After reading some reviews and watching booty barre classes on youtube I decided to give it a try. (It only took me five months to think it over but hey better late than never.) I went ahead a bought the 10 class package because in my mind that would really make me commit to the class. I also didn't think it would be that intense and was really going to stake out the Pilates equipment but have sense found out differently. Supposedly you sweat your hinny off for 50 minutes which makes me very nervous.  I know I will be fine and am excited to loose the 600 calories the average person burns during the class but woah…sweating - this is a big step for me.

My first class was supposed to be yesterday but due to the winter weather it was canceled. Everyone say a special prayer for me at 6:30 tomorrow - I will me 30 minutes into class and will probably be the person dying in the corner but hey…at least I'm giving it the old college try.

I'll let you know how it goes…but really pray I make it through.
Happy Wednesday

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